Regulatory Compliance

Southeastern Gas Engineering can assist you in managing your regulatory compliance requirements. It may be as simple as filing the DOT F-7100 or EIA-176 forms or it may be assisting in the development of the necessary emergency and operations manuals, operator qualifications program and responding to Public Service Commission interrogatories. Southeastern Gas Engineering can assist in most areas involving regulatory compliance and will be available to meet with Commission staff on behalf of the client as needed. If you manage a gas system for a municipality, public gas system, college or university, hospital or other master meter operator, Southeastern Gas Engineering can assist you in meeting your regulatory requirements.

Emergency & Operations Manuals

Southeastern Gas Engineering can review and assess the adequacy of your operations and procedures manual as well as the emergency manual. Whether your manuals need minor updates or a complete re-write, Southeastern Gas Engineering can provide this service. As federal requirements change from time to time, it may be helpful to have a third-party review of these manuals.

Anti-Drug and Alcohol Program

Southeastern Gas Engineering can establish this required program within your organization and provide you with quarterly reports on testing and high-level test results. Southeastern Gas Engineering will work with the client’s plan administrator to include the appropriate individuals within the random testing program and ensure that the plan has been properly communicated. Southeastern Gas Engineering will work with the administrator in establishing policies for reviewing selected Medical Review Officers and lab facilities. Additionally, the plan will include instructions for supervisory training and record keeping.

Quarterly/Annual Reports

As you know, as a natural gas operator, there are numerous reporting requirements. If you do not have the staff or you need assistance in this reporting, SGE can help. Southeastern Gas Engineering provides this service for many clients allowing them to focus on day to day gas operations. Southeastern Gas Engineering reports provide a valuable management tool to evaluate gas costs, customer category growth patterns and overall system profitability.