Operations and Maintenance

Southeastern Gas Engineering can complete an assessment of your system and make recommendations pertaining to the: effectiveness of your pipeline integrity program, possible improvements to emergency preparedness and response, potential system replacement needs including cost estimates and timelines, as well as conduct compliance audits.

System Assessments

If you are in need of a system assessment of your system or one that you may take over, Southeastern Gas Engineering can provide a detailed report on the overall state of the natural gas system including corrosion control and other compliance related items. Southeastern Gas Engineering has completed numerous assessments of master meter systems as well municipal systems that include timelines and budgets for any repairs or replacement plans.

Pipeline Integrity

It is very important that as a natural gas operator, you have accurate maps, records and updated procedural manuals that describe the methods you use to construct and maintain your system and to respond to emergencies. Southeastern Gas Engineering can assist you with any or all of these activities.

Emergency Preparedness & Responce

If you need a complete emergency manual or you simply need yours updated, Southeastern Gas Engineering can work with you to ensure that your emergency procedures manual is complete and accurate and is properly communicated to employees, management and safety officials. Southeastern Gas Engineering can also assist in communicating emergency procedures to the public, as appropriate.

Compliance Audits

In order to ensure that your natural gas system is in compliance with federal code, Southeastern Gas Engineering will review your system and make recommendations for improvements in record keeping, safety procedures and other items that may be reviewed as part of a pipeline safety inspection.