Design and Management

Engineering & Design Services

Southeastern Gas Engineering offers a wide array of natural gas engineering services including:

  • Pipeline system design
  • Meter regulator design
  • Public agency coordination
  • Federal, state and local permitting
  • System modeling
  • Mapping/GIS services
  • Route/corridor studies
  • Corrosion system design
  • Compliance audits
  • Project management

Southeastern Gas Engineering will be glad to meet with you and discuss your next project. While Southeastern Gas Engineering does not provide actual construction services, we can assist you in acquiring and managing qualified contractors.

Construction Services

Construction Services include cost estimating, pre and final-bid evaluation, project management as well as field engineering and design changes during construction. Southeastern Gas Engineering is experienced in new construction projects as well as DOT re-location projects. Construction inspection services can also be provided. If necessary, inspections can be made at pipe/coating mills and other required vendor shops.  design and construction_600

Cost Estimates

With over 100 years of natural gas industry experience, Southeastern Gas Engineering can provide you with project cost estimates and timelines. Projects are designed to ensure safety and reliability but also to minimize costs associated with long-term operations and maintenance of the overall system.

Engineering & Project Management

Southeastern Gas Engineering will provide all phases of engineering and project management from design, surveying, initial cost estimates, permitting, CADD (proposal and as-builts), bid package preparation, bid evaluations, field inspection and associated record keeping. Any of these services can be packaged together according to the client’s needs.

Field Engineering & Inspection Services

Southeastern Gas Engineering can provide quality field engineering or inspection services for natural gas facility construction or relocation projects. Southeastern Gas Engineering allows clients to staff up to perform these activities with industry experts without hiring additional full-time employees.